On the heels of her appearance in Showtime‘s Twin Peaks, Lissie has released a new video for “Wild West“. This exclusive Twin Peaks version of the track was performed by Lissie in last night’s episode and will be available for purchase on the Twin Peaks Official Soundtrack in September. The original version of the song appears on Lissie’s 2016 album “My Wild West“.
In similar fashion to the making of Lissie’s original “Wild West” video, which was filmed by and features the capers of 4 kids that Lissie’s videographer knew, the video for the Twin Peaks version of the track was filmed by 14-yr old Finn Deen-Lester. On the making of this new “Wild West” video, Lissie explains: “My friends teenage son takes photos & makes videos in NE Iowa so I approached him to create a video of his own imagination. He didn’t know what it was for & took to the country with 3 friends & a camera! I am so in awe of his young talent & eye and really enjoy this kind of collaboration!”

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