The Dull Blue Lights shared their new live video for the single, “All or Nothing“.

The Dull Blue Lights are a band in between. Drawing from influences as varied as Motown soul, Nuggets psychedelia, and Jamaican rocksteady, the Philadelphia-based group’s definitive blend of cascading harmonies, screaming guitars and relentlessly grooving rhythms lives somewhere between each one. The band calls this in-between sound Basement Soul.
Formerly known as The Snails, The Dull Blue Lights transformed immensely during the writing of their debut album. “When we started writing this record, we were one band, but by the time we finished recording, we were a different band entirely,” Fausnacht elaborates. “We unintentionally told a story of transformation and metamorphosis, which ultimately ended with us becoming The Dull Blue Lights.”
The Dull Blue Lights are Todd Fausnacht (lead vocals/lead guitars), Ben Parry (bass/vocals), Tim Hildebrand (guitar/vocals), MattMacLeod (organ/vocals) and Josh Parry (drums/vocals).

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