Though summertime begs a cool, breezy groove, it doesn’t mean we can’t stop for a good space out during the hazy days of July and August.


New York, NY – July 28th, 2017 – Nashville artist Mirama is stoked to release his debut single “Find It,” which is out today via the Nashville collective Congrats Records!  Carrying a somewhat pensive, yet meditative rhythm, the first single, produced by HALFNOISE/Paramore musician Zac Farro, instantly entrances you in a state of hypnotic patience that would have even the wisest of men cutting the thickest of rugs.  Mirama’s sense of groove and melody is on full display, weaving textural synth lines between perfectly placed percussion.

A talented multi-instrumentalist and producer in his own right, Mirama’s Logan Mackenzie has spent the last 7 years between Nashville and his native New Zealand touring and writing music with various projects. His debut single “Find It” counts his first foray into releasing music as a solo musician, and teaming up with Zac as a producer was the most natural progression, as the two have been creative counterparts on both sides of the globe since meeting in 2010. The track’s fresh summer groove lays about a calming generosity that feels impressively instinctive for a first-outing.

Mirama marks the second artist to join the Congrats Records family, following two HALFNOISE releases in the past year alone. The label is led by Zac Farro, Robert (RH) Dyar and JT, and was founded in 2016 amongst a blossoming and inspiring music and art scene local to the ever-inspiring gateway to the west, Nashville, TN. Acting more as a creative collective between friends, artists, and collaborators of all mediums, the label continues its stride with music but also has plans to work alongside film makers, photographers, visual artists, and writers alike.


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